Excel and its Simple Tools

Microsoft Office Excel comes with a number of Accessibility Tools. You can master these tools at an advanced excel training course. Here are a few guidelines for using some of the available tools.

Templates – The template function is used to customize a spreadsheet with different features like font style, background color, font size, etc. This is how templates can be created –

* Open a new spreadsheet. Enter any desired text.

* Apply the desired settings. For example – font size, font style, background color, etc.

* Click on File. On the Backstage View that opens select Save As.

* Click on Computer under Save As. In the dropdown menu select Excel Template.

* Click on Browse on the right hand side.

* In the window that opens, enter File name in the File name field.

* Click Save. Your preferred template has been created.

* To make it your personal template, click on File.

* Click New on the Backstage View that opens.

* In the new screen select Personal. Click on the template that you created.

Cell Spacing – It increases or decreases the size (height and width) of a cell.

* To increase or decrease the height of the cell, place your mouse between the numbers on the left hand side of the spreadsheet. Wait for the double arrow to appear.

* Click and drag the mouse up to decrease the height and down to increase the height of the cell.

* To increase or decrease the width of the cell, place your mouse between the alphabets on the top of the spreadsheet. Wait for the double arrow to appear.

* Click and drag the mouse to the left to decrease, and to the right to increase the width of the cell.

Hyperlinks – It is used to link the document to a link or a page on the web.

* Select the cell where you wish to add the hyperlink.

* Go to Insert and click on the Hyperlink icon (found on the right hand of the screen).

* On the window that opens select Existing File or Web Page.

* In the Address field copy and paste the link of the website for which the hyperlink is being created.

* Click OK. The hyperlink is now active in the spreadsheet. It will be highlighted in blue.

Apart from these, always use clear and descriptive headings for the rows and columns on the spreadsheet. It makes it better for accessibility.

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