5 quick teamwork games to engage your employees

Any company that aims to achieve its set goals should adopt a professional approach in whatever they do. Especially, while engaging employees, there should be absolute professionalism that involves proper communication and teamwork. There are a number of activities at team building workshops Singapore that can help in engaging employees and let us look at a few of them.


This game is suitable for a team that consists of 10 to 20 members. Members should form into two groups, stand in two lines and face each other. One group should be asked to turn around while the other group should make a few changes about themselves. After a minute or so, the other group should be asked to look at this team and find the changes they have made about themselves. This fun game develops concentration in the team members.

Skits with Grab Bags

The whole team is divided into groups of 3 to 8 people. Each group will get a goodie bag that will have various random objects. The groups should look at the objects inside their bags and enact a skit using the objects. The manager can assign topics or the groups themselves can creatively come out with their own topics. This exercise encourages collaboration and creativity and helps develop better relationship among members.

Tossing of the Beach Ball

The size of the group for this game can be between 5 and 25 people. For this game, you need a beach ball on which you write a few random questions. The members should stand in a circle and start tossing the ball. The member who catches the beach ball should give the answer to the question that is close to his or her pinky finger. This exercise will help employees know each other well.

Human Knot

This brain teaser can be great fun. All the members should stand and form a circle. They should raise their right hand and try to grab the hand of the person who is standing across. Likewise, everyone should raise their left hand and try grabbing another person’s hand. In short, everyone should be holding two different people’s hands but they should not hold the hand of the member standing next. Members should not break the circle. Communication and teamwork are very important for this game.


This fun game requires several pieces of paper in which salt or pepper are alternatively kept. The paper pieces are folded appropriately so the contents are not revealed. The papers are then taken behind every person. Every member should then walk around and should simultaneously ask yes and no questions for finding out the word that has been taped behind their backs. When they are able to figure out the word, they can find their other partner. Now both the partners can sit down and share interesting facts about themselves with one another. The game promotes teamwork and good relationship among the members.

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