E-menu system and e-commerce

The buying capacity of the population of a country often determines its economy. In today’s consumeristic life, there has been a huge spurt in the buying capacity of an individual. However, buying capacity of an individual is inversely proportional to the time he or she has to go for shopping. Time is money and we are all running after it. It is extremely rare to be able to spend a whole day in shopping. If such is the busy lifestyle, then one has to find a solution to it. The solution to this e-commerce.

E-commerce is buying products and services using the internet. Electronic commerce is very highly dependent on technology. Online shopping of goods is the most common form of e-commerce. Online shopping has become the part and parcel of modern day urban society. From clothes to grocery to even daily services, everything is just a click away. Due to the lack of time, online shopping is very rapidly replacing shopping. Retail is slowly moving from market places to the desktops, laptops and even our mobile phones. Every item that we wish to buy is displayed to us on our mobile or computer screen.

E-menu system:

In order to choose our products it is very important that the items are displayed in a well-organized manner in the computer, laptop, mobile or tablet’s screen. This digital display of items is called the e menu system. For any kind of online shopping, e menu is mandatory. Without an electronic menu where items are displayed in a proper manner, it is not possible to able to choose the correct item.

A nicely displayed e menu system not only makes the online shopping experience of the existing customers easy but also ensures that new customers are attracted to the particular shopping site. Well trained we designers are employed by e-commerce sites to design the page of their website and ensure a smooth flow through the menu so that the customer can choose a product easily and with clarity.

Often these web designers innovate with these e menu options to add a new flavor to the shopping site. The shopping sites constantly revamp the look of their menu options and often add new items to their menu to make the customer’s shopping experience enjoyable and interesting. In this way they build a reputation for themselves that fetch them more customers. Thus e menu system is an intrinsic part of the e-commerce business.

Excel and its Simple Tools

Microsoft Office Excel comes with a number of Accessibility Tools. You can master these tools at an advanced excel training course. Here are a few guidelines for using some of the available tools.

Templates – The template function is used to customize a spreadsheet with different features like font style, background color, font size, etc. This is how templates can be created –

* Open a new spreadsheet. Enter any desired text.

* Apply the desired settings. For example – font size, font style, background color, etc.

* Click on File. On the Backstage View that opens select Save As.

* Click on Computer under Save As. In the dropdown menu select Excel Template.

* Click on Browse on the right hand side.

* In the window that opens, enter File name in the File name field.

* Click Save. Your preferred template has been created.

* To make it your personal template, click on File.

* Click New on the Backstage View that opens.

* In the new screen select Personal. Click on the template that you created.

Cell Spacing – It increases or decreases the size (height and width) of a cell.

* To increase or decrease the height of the cell, place your mouse between the numbers on the left hand side of the spreadsheet. Wait for the double arrow to appear.

* Click and drag the mouse up to decrease the height and down to increase the height of the cell.

* To increase or decrease the width of the cell, place your mouse between the alphabets on the top of the spreadsheet. Wait for the double arrow to appear.

* Click and drag the mouse to the left to decrease, and to the right to increase the width of the cell.

Hyperlinks – It is used to link the document to a link or a page on the web.

* Select the cell where you wish to add the hyperlink.

* Go to Insert and click on the Hyperlink icon (found on the right hand of the screen).

* On the window that opens select Existing File or Web Page.

* In the Address field copy and paste the link of the website for which the hyperlink is being created.

* Click OK. The hyperlink is now active in the spreadsheet. It will be highlighted in blue.

Apart from these, always use clear and descriptive headings for the rows and columns on the spreadsheet. It makes it better for accessibility.

Cyber security tips for your company

The internet has become a very important component in the efficient working of an organization. It has allowed the organizations to cut costs, provide services faster and data sharing between employees and different branches very easy. The benefits of internet are evident from these. But, there is also considerable threat of cyber attacks that aims to steal valuable information or even hamper the working of the organization.

Here are few tips that can help your organization to achieve strong cyber security strategy to protect valuable information.

Training the employees

The employees are the first line of defense in case of a cyber attack on the organization. There needs to be a sound strategy in order to avert a possible cyber attack. Hence, training the employees is a very important step in prevention of cyber attacks. Establishing security practices and policies that give a clear cut idea to the employees on how to go about doing their day to day work as well as encouraging the use of a strong password is necessary. They can also be briefed on the common internet usage guidelines.

Basic internet security

Providing the basic internet security for the systems in the organization is the easiest way to deal with a possible cyber attack. Activating the firewall and using good antivirus software are very simple methods to initiate security. The firewall is the basic line of defense against any outside source that tries to infiltrate the domestic system to leak or steal information.

Phishing scams

Phishing scams are the most regular cyber attack that occurs in any system connected to the internet. It acts passively without the knowledge of the user. It usually comes in bundled with software or an email, thus affecting the system that it is opened in. the information is siphoned off by the criminals and utilized to negatively affect the company. So it is imperative to instruct the workers on how to handle such files and the necessary steps to prevent it from happening. Cyber security in Singapore can be provided by third party companies which is a very good option to consider, in order to protect the valuable information of the organization.

The importance of cyber security is evident from the many instances mentioned here. This can be prevented to an extent by following strict protocols and guidelines. Also, organizations can hire third party cyber security in Singapore in order to get the experts’ help to deal with cyber attacks.

5 quick teamwork games to engage your employees

Any company that aims to achieve its set goals should adopt a professional approach in whatever they do. Especially, while engaging employees, there should be absolute professionalism that involves proper communication and teamwork. There are a number of activities at team building workshops Singapore that can help in engaging employees and let us look at a few of them.


This game is suitable for a team that consists of 10 to 20 members. Members should form into two groups, stand in two lines and face each other. One group should be asked to turn around while the other group should make a few changes about themselves. After a minute or so, the other group should be asked to look at this team and find the changes they have made about themselves. This fun game develops concentration in the team members.

Skits with Grab Bags

The whole team is divided into groups of 3 to 8 people. Each group will get a goodie bag that will have various random objects. The groups should look at the objects inside their bags and enact a skit using the objects. The manager can assign topics or the groups themselves can creatively come out with their own topics. This exercise encourages collaboration and creativity and helps develop better relationship among members.

Tossing of the Beach Ball

The size of the group for this game can be between 5 and 25 people. For this game, you need a beach ball on which you write a few random questions. The members should stand in a circle and start tossing the ball. The member who catches the beach ball should give the answer to the question that is close to his or her pinky finger. This exercise will help employees know each other well.

Human Knot

This brain teaser can be great fun. All the members should stand and form a circle. They should raise their right hand and try to grab the hand of the person who is standing across. Likewise, everyone should raise their left hand and try grabbing another person’s hand. In short, everyone should be holding two different people’s hands but they should not hold the hand of the member standing next. Members should not break the circle. Communication and teamwork are very important for this game.


This fun game requires several pieces of paper in which salt or pepper are alternatively kept. The paper pieces are folded appropriately so the contents are not revealed. The papers are then taken behind every person. Every member should then walk around and should simultaneously ask yes and no questions for finding out the word that has been taped behind their backs. When they are able to figure out the word, they can find their other partner. Now both the partners can sit down and share interesting facts about themselves with one another. The game promotes teamwork and good relationship among the members.

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